Here’s what others are saying about Sage Action Consulting:

Sage Action Consulting (better known to me as “Denina & Steve”) have been incredible to work with, and they have made the process of my needs assessment better understood and seamless. I appreciate their knowledge base and their prompt replies to all of my questions. I have worked with them for over a year and their dedication to the project is refreshing and honestly appreciated. Thank you Denina and Steve!

Colleen WilberDrug and Alcohol Administrator, Potter County Human Services

“I liked the overall flow of the entire session. It was filled with great information and insight into the connection between mind, body, and spirit. A fresher spin on mindfulness…”

“The game we played was so much fun and truly a great way to illustrate the importance of play for good mental and physical health. Excellent workshop and facilitator.”

“WONDERFUL speaker and training. This was one of my favorite presentations for the whole conference.”

Participants, "What’s Your MPG?"Commonwealth Prevention Alliance Conference, June 2018

Gave me the time to just slow down. It felt like the world just stopped moving around me and it was so great to experience that throughout each session.

Participant, "Get Mindful in May" web seriesPennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, May 2018

When we were doing the mindfulness and movement I felt really relaxed and calm. I felt like all my problems were gone.

7th grade student, "Mindfulness & Movement"Karns City Junior Senior High School, Project WELL, February 2019

We started working with Denina 10 years ago on one project, but have continued year after year because of the quality of her work and passion for what she does. She is committed to our community and has put in the time and effort to learn about key stakeholders and how we do things here. Denina takes the time to form relationships, so it does not feel like an outsider coming in. We always have peace of mind when we give her a project that she will give it 100%, and the end product will be what we want…that is why we recommend her to others.

Amanda FeltenbergerDirector of Service Integration and Quality Management, Butler County Human Services

Working with Denina on projects takes what originally seem like insurmountable tasks to me to a finished project that is of high quality and successful. Her community engagement, group development and group facilitation skills have not only assisted me in successfully completing my work responsibilities, but provide a sense of relief and confidence because I know Denina is right there by my side moving the process along with her high level of energy, never-ending positive attitude, and fun personality! I value our relationship and look forward to working together on many projects in the future.

Beth Ehrenfried-NeveuxPrevention Specialist, Butler County Human Services: Drug and Alcohol Program

I think this series was really great! I am always an on-the-go type of person and to just sit back and have that quality meditation time really energized me.

Participant, "Get Mindful in May" web seriesPennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, May 2018

Everything was great! In our field we really need to focus on our self-care, and this training really reminded me of that. You have great energy to be able to lead this training and make it effective. Thank you so much!

Participant, "Building a Trauma Informed Community (PBTIC) Training"Butler, PA, December 2017

Denina helped our agency streamline the service delivery system. This major project required a full analysis of the way we do business, and I asked Denina to create a model that I could use moving forward. She jumped in with both feet, established fantastic relationships with my staff, immediately got to the heart of the matter and pulled the best out of my staff. She kept them focused to project completion, and we now have a roadmap that we use to continue to improve our business processes and services to clients. Denina was a great resource!

Jeffrey FondelierVice President of Operations, Blueprints

As the chair of Holy Family Child Care, I have attended several strategic planning sessions facilitated by Denina. She is professional and knowledgeable with a great personality to engage the room. She is skilled at knowing how to work with a group of individuals and keep them focused on the task at hand so they come to the most favorable outcome. Our meetings with Denina have helped our organization greatly to get a better understanding of our goals, our mission, problem areas to work on, and the positives to embrace and continue growing. I highly recommend Denina and hope that I will have the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

Jean-Anne RenshawArt Director, Lamar Advertising, and Board of Directors, Congregation of St. Joseph - Holy Family Childcare & Development Center

I have been delighted to work with Denina. She is easy to work with and full of many good ideas. Best of all, she organizes meetings and facilitates them with warmth, but also with helpful ground rules that let differing perspectives be heard. She comes to meetings prepared and with lots of tools to help them run well, but she is willing to change her plans as needed depending upon the circumstances of a given meeting. In short, I would highly recommend her. Denina will help your project move from “words to action.”

Doug CarsonNeighborhoods of Hope Initiative, Beaver Falls City Council