A facilitator is “a person or thing that makes an action or process easy or easier.” Sage Action Consulting offers facilitation services to guide teams and groups through planning, assessment, and evaluation. It takes courage to ask for help – for a facilitator or guide to help you set your course, understand your environment, or measure the impact you’re making. Read more below or contact Sage Action Consulting to see how facilitation services can help your team navigate the waters of organizational change.

Launching a new project or creating a new process takes patience, persistence, and attention to detail. Sage Action Consulting brings energy and focus to your efforts and sticks with you to get your venture up and running successfully. We use web-based conferencing technology to facilitate team meetings virtually so team members can participate remotely from their offices without unnecessary travel.

Assessment and Evaluation
Understanding your audiences and knowing whether your making an impact is important in an ever-changing environment. Sage Action Consulting recognizes that information is critical and works closely with you to design effective ways to collect, manage, and report data so it’s useful for you. We use online surveys, phone interviews, and onsite focus groups to collect assessment and evaluation data.

Family Group Decision Making
Sage Action Consulting is a trained Family Group Decision Making facilitator and facilitates planning meetings with families referred for services. Family Group Decision Making is a strengths-based process being implemented in the child welfare system in counties in Pennsylvania.