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Mindfulness and Self-Care Trainings

Mindfulness is at the heart of all of Sage Action Consulting’s trainings, with a specific focus on bringing it to those who may not have access to it or find the time for it, such as adolescents, those in recovery, and helping professionals. Mindfulness helps us slow down and check-in to see what needs our attention in the present moment. There’s a strong connection between mindfulness and emotional health.

Sage Action Consulting offers mindfulness and self-care trainings that teach simple, accessible, stress management skills in a trauma-informed manner to improve holistic well-being and productivity. It’s important to take care of yourself and your team to bring your best self to what you do everyday. Sage Action Consulting recognizes that self-care isn’t one-size-fits all or an event but an evolving process of cultivating your biggest asset…you and your team!

Read more below or contact Sage Action Consulting to see which mindfulness and self-care trainings are right for your group.

What’s Your MPG (Mindfulness, Play & Gratitude)?

What’s Your MPG? explores how Mindfulness, Play, & Gratitude are skills for self-care that can be intentionally practiced. Research demonstrates the importance of these skills for holistic well-being and productivity. What’s Your MPG? includes opportunities to practice these skills and takeaway tips and resources. It’s especially beneficial for those in the helping professions or caregiving roles to buffer secondary trauma and burnout.

M&M (Mindfulness and Movement)

M&M (Mindfulness and Movement) teaches ways to slow down and relax into the present moment to deal with stress and strong emotions. Short lessons include breathing and relaxation exercises and easy movements that can be done by anyone, regardless of age or physical ability. M&M has been well received by young people – 75% of 7th graders liked at least some of what they learned or everything they learned!

Get Mindful Series

Get Mindful Series is a crash-course in mindfulness for you and your team. Brief (30-minute) sessions focus on different mindfulness topics and approaches to practicing and include a combination of lecture and guided meditation. The series can be offered virtually via webinar to allow your team to participate from remote locations or brought to your team onsite and customized to include M&M (Mindfulness & Movement), debriefing/sharing time after each session, etc.

Taking Care of Your Team: Self-Care for Sanity & Success

Taking Care of Your Team helps explore your team’s strengths and challenges and discover ways to incorporate self-care for individual and collective well-being. A team is only as strong and healthy as its members. Taking Care of Your Team teaches teams ways to courageously prioritize taking care of themselves to get more joy from their work.

Mindfulness Classes and Workshops

Sage Action Consulting offers classes and workshops on various mindfulness topics using diverse learning methods, such as movement/yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, etc. Sessions are offered onsite or via webinar for your convenience and customized to meet your specific needs.

Participants at "What's your MPG?"

I liked the participation, the examples of how to breathe, move… loved being allowed to play!

I loved the training!

Participant from What’s Your MPG?Lawrence County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Sept 2018

When we were doing the mindfulness and movement I felt really relaxed and calm. I felt like all my problems were gone.

7th grade M&M participantKarns City Junior Senior High School, Winter 2019