Man on bicycle in the desert

What’s Your MPG? 

What’s Your MPG? is an interactive workshop to discover how Mindfulness, Play, & Gratitude are skills for self-care. Research demonstrates the importance of sharpening these skills for improved health and clarity to guide good decision-making. What’s Your MPG? is engaging and fun for adult learners, with information shared through open dialogue and hands-on, skill-building activities. Each workshop participant receives a “road trip” goodie bag with information and resources.

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M&M (Mindfulness and Movement)

M&M (Mindfulness and Movement) is a participatory learning experience to help you relax, release, and recharge. It is a tool for self-care that anyone can do regardless of age or physical ability. It doesn’t require special equipment or clothes, since the “movement” is done while seated in a chair or standing. M&M helps you slow down and create space to see more clearly and make better choices.

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