The following values guide Sage Action Consulting’s work:

Build on strengths
Everyone has strengths to build upon. Finding the strengths of individuals, teams, organizations, and communities is the key to engagement, motivation, and success.

Be mindful
Change, growth, and action are fluid processes that call for flexibility. Being mindful helps you bring your best self to all that you do, “go with the flow,” and make decisions that are rooted in clarity.

Celebrate success and learn from failure
Celebrating success and growing from failure are important to move forward in our life and in our work. Enjoying success provides motivation to continue. Finding the lessons in failure helps us to improve in the future.

Share your talents
We all have unique talents and abilities that we bring to the table. When we share those talents, we learn and grow together and reach our greatest potential as individuals, teams, organizations, and communities.

Respect relationships
We learn and grow in relationship with others. Cultivating relationships and paying attention to the nuances in relationships facilitates success.

Inspire creativity
An environment that is fun, energetic, and interactive encourages creativity and fresh ideas. Many of the best ideas come from creativity.

“After attending What’s Your MPG?,  I have been more aware of my own frustration and burnout as a professional in the human services field. I liked that the training included interactive activities and discussion to engage the audience and tips and resources to take away.  I would recommend What’s Your MPG? to anyone in the human services field (supervisors, direct care staff, and clerical staff) to help them understand the importance of mindfulness and self-care.”

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Ricky LakeButler County Area Agency on Aging

“I loved the emphasis on needing to care for ourselves in order to care for others.”

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Participant, "Trauma Informed Care for Schools"SAP Coordination Council